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From: Matt & Brad Callen
Location: Carmel, IN


Hi, my name is Brad Callen and for several years my brother and I have run a site called Niche Revolution. It's actually going on 4 years now since the site was initially opened. In fact, after the FIRST week of being open, we temporarily closed the doors after the high-demand membership cap was reached very quickly.

I'm sure you've heard of PLR (i.e. Private Label Rights) content before. But if not, let me quickly explain what it is and why it's literally the fastest and easiest way to start an online business.

A private label rights product is one that you're practically free to do whatever you want with, as if it were your own product to sell. You essentially are given a product like an eBook, for example, and can claim it and sell it as your own. YOU can be the author of the eBook, edit it, and resell it. And YOU get to keep the profits. The eBook that took someone else's time to research, write, edit, and design... you are free to do what you want with it as if you were the creator.

NicheRevolution, the PLR membership site that was so high-demand that it closed in just a few days was quickly recognized amongst the internet marketing crowd as the single best PLR membership site online, period.

In fact, we give our current members MORE and BETTER PLR products than any other site in the world. And you can hear it straight from our members:

"Most Professionally Put-Together PLR Sites I've Seen in Years... Simply Amazing!"

— Jeremy Gislason
Veteran Marketer

"Niche Revolution is one of the most professionally put together private label membership sites I've seen in years! The member area is so easy to navigate and find everything that I felt right at home in about 30 seconds.

I can't believe how much they give you each month included in each package. Simply amazing! If you're into niche marketing, this is a must-have resource to add to your business."


"I've been purchasing niche product
packages for over a year now and this
is the best I've seen!

— Brett Forster

"Hi Brad and Matt! Great Niche Products Package! I really like the top notch, professional design of the PDF ebooks
and graphics.

I've been purchasing niche product
packages for over a year now and this
is the best I've seen in months! Thanks again!


"All I can think to say is, WOW!"

— Brett Smith

"Hi Matt and Brad,

All I can think to say is, "WOW"... I am
blown away by NicheRevolution! You guys are saving my team tons of time and giving us
that much needed competitive edge.
Keep up
the awesome work!"

"Each time I start to get caught up,
there are more NEW things available
to start making money from!

"Brad and Matt,
I am incredibly impressed with Niche Revolution and all the things we get with it. Each time I start to get caught up, there are more NEW things available to start making money from! I am a very happy customer. Thank You!

— Gregg Hessler


Each and every month our exclusive members receive:

These aren't just any old crapola eBooks written on some general topic that everybody and their brother is selling. These are high quality, professionally written and designed eBooks. But, more importantly, these eBooks are written on topics that we know people want to buy.

The eBooks will be available to you in two formats:

Do whatever you want with the eBook. Sell the eBook in PDF format. Split up the Rich Text format file into a series of email lessons, reports, or separate products. Add your own knowledge to the eBook. It's 100% yours to do with as you wish!

Some more examples of some of the products we'll be creating for you each and every month...

The only thing you are not permitted to do is sell the resell rights of the original manuals to other people. Only Niche Revolution members are permitted to use and/or sell these manuals. This ensures that the market doesn't get flooded with the same product.

You are also not permitted to claim copyright to the original information, but if you alter the material substantially, which is allowed, you can legally copyright that work

It's one thing to have a high quality product, but an entirely different thing to be able to sell that product. What sets Niche Revolution apart from the competition is we know the value of having an extremely compelling sales letter.

Because of this, we've teamed up with top copywriter, Ray Edwards. Ray charges clients a minimum of $10,000 to write a single sales letter!

When you become a member of Niche Revolution, you'll get not 1, but 2 sales letters a month, written by professional copywriter, Ray Edwards.

You can check out Ray's main website here: http://www.rayedwardscopywriting.com (He charges $1,000 just for a consultation!)

Samples of the types of eBook sales letter websites you'll receive each month...

Each sales letter will come in two formats:

Ray Edwards has written sales copy for top marketers including the following...

Because we'll be providing you with the best niches, the highest quality eBooks, and the most compelling sales copy, we wouldn't be doing your website justice if we didn't hire the absolute best graphic designer to create your custom mini-site graphics, which include:




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We have, at your disposal, our "go-to" graphics guy. Thomas does tremendous work. Here are a few of his mini-site samples, so you'll get a feel for the quality of work he produces...

Along with creating killer graphics for Matt and I

He's Also Created Graphics For Big Name Marketer's Like...

Yes, you heard me correctly... 260 custom written articles per month. 30 articles related to info product #1, 30 articles related to info product #2, and then a full 200 articles written on 10 other, very profitable topics.

These articles are written based on 260 pre-researched keywords that we've found to have tremendous Adsense earning potential. Not only can you use these articles to attract the search engines, but you can use these articles as a mini-email course to build your email list!

Each article will be delivered in text format for easy download.

... and the best part is, you can do whatever you want with these articles. Modify them. Compile them into another eBook. Do whatever you want. They're yours to keep!

Yep, we're not done yet... On top of all of the other incredible benefits listed above, you'll ALSO receive 12 entire Adsense style websites.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you know that Adsenseis the talk of the internet as of late. Why? Because it's, quite frankly, one of the easiest ways to pocket quick money online.

Rather than providing 7 million adsense websites per month, we believe in quality over quantity, so we're providing 12 EXTREMELY well built and professional looking Adsense websites for you each and every month.

Each website comes with:

Professionally created graphics
Highly optimized Adsense code block positioning
Your 260 custom written articles added and formatted within each web page

Available as a quick and easy .zip download from your member's area.

Ok, so not only are we providing you with an incredible amount of content to sell as your own, in the form of eBooks, email mini-courses, PLR Articles, Adsense websites, and more... BUT we're also giving you exclusive access to our member's only "Content Spinner".

Use the Content Spinner to make your content 100% unique. Use it on the content we create for you OR use it on any other content that either you write, or that you get from other sources. The sky's the limit!

You can use our Content Spinner to change 1 article into 100's of unique articles, all while keeping the same original meaning of the original article.

There are entire services that charge you for this, but when you become a NicheRevolution member, it's only a side benefit!

From our information marketing experience we know the importance of split-testing. Split-testing different aspects of your sales letter is the key to making not just some money online, but it's the key to making a lot of money.

Inside your member's area you'll have access to our exclusive split testing program. You will be able to easily split test headlines, price points, offers, guarantees etc. in the sales letters that we create for you.

Because we're not techies and know you're probably not either, we've made our split testing admin panel super easy to use. It's only a matter of a few mouse clicks and you'll be entirely set up to track and monitor which tests convert the most sales, and ultimately make you the most money!

Just how important is split testing? Listen to what renowned internet marketing copywriter, Michel Fortin, had to say...

This split testing program is ONLY available to Niche Revolution members and can be found nowhere else.

As most online marketers know, in order to take your business to the next level, you must build a list... and build a strong relation with your email list.

While most services leave you hanging in this area, we know the importance of building a list, so...

We'll even create 2, 5 part mini email courses for you, so you can build an email list, AND credibility at the same time! Just upload the lessons we write for you, directly into your autoresponder account and away you go...

Each Lesson will be delivered in text format for easy download, and super easy upload to your autoresponder account.


Whew... ok, long list I know...

But I wanted to make sure you knew just how much valuable PLR material we give our Niche Revolution members every single month.

There's 1 Major Problem With Every Single PLR
Membership Site And It's A Problem That Even NicheRevolution Had In The Past, And That Is...

Each month you receive all of your PLR material. You upload your eBooks, your salesletters, your Adsense sites and so on and so forth.

Your website(s) are all ready to start accepting orders and striking it rich... but there's 1 small problem.

Can you guess what that is? It's something that ALL PLR membership sites fail to mention and it's something that I can guarantee will prevent you from making money with the PLR material they provide.

They fail to mention that...

In order to make money from a PLR website OR any other website for that matter, you must get traffic! And you must know how to convert that traffic into buyers.

I'll be honest, it's not the quality and amount of products and websites that you have, it's your ability to generate traffic and convert that traffic to buyers that will allow you to run a successful online business.

Back to our Niche Revolution example. As I mentioned above, we've been running Niche Revolution for nearly 4 straight years making it one of the very first PLR membership sites to hit the internet.

While most membership sites have a retention rate of 3-4 months per member, we have Niche Revolution members that have been with us since day 1. That's close to 4 YEARS, not months!

Not everyone has stayed that long. Some stay for 3 months, some stay for 3 years.

So, what's the reason for the huge difference in retention? Why do some users stay longer than others?

You guessed it! The members that have been with us for almost 4 years are making money with their PLR products. They know how to generate targeted traffic and convert that traffic into buyers.

These are the members that are making an absolute killing and all they do is download the PLR material each month, and then outsource a series of traffic generation techniques that they've honed. A system, if you will, that they've developed that works every single time.

Alright, now... why am I telling you all of this?

As the headline at the top of this page states, we've written a guide that will show you EXACTLY how to get targeted traffic to your PLR websites, and convert that traffic into buyers (i.e. cash in your pocket).

It's written in a step by step fashion that shows you how to increase your business with PLR products.

It shows you the secrets that successful PLR marketers are using to make themselves big money on the internet.

Inside, you'll learn what those Niche Revolution members that have been with us for nearly 4 years are actually doing to ensure they make a profit from their Niche Revolution membership!

Click Here To Get the PLR Profits Intensive Course

How to set up your website(s)
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #1 - Good Old Search Engine Optimization
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #2 - Supercharged Article Marketing
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #3 - Directories That Actually Count
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #4 - Press Releases
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #5 - Web 2.0 and Content Sharing Websites
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #6 - Ratings Websites
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #7 - Social Networking Groups
Traffic / Link Building Tactic #8 - Maximizing Online Video
Everything Else Weíve Tested And Know Helps Increase Your Bottom Line
Utilizing Google Adwords Effectively
Tracking, Conversion and Offer Optimization
Helping Affiliates Help You
Leveraging Joint Ventures
List Building and List Marketing


You can see that we've left nothing to chance here. This is a guide that we could easily sell for $97+

But we decided not to go that route. For a very limited time, you can get the entire PLR Profits Intensive course for $1.95!

... and on top of the PLR Profits Intensive Course, I actually want to give you a full month's access to Niche Revolution, our well-known PLR membership site, completely FREE.

So, for a measley $1.95, you're going to get the entire PLR Profits Intensive course PLUS everything that comes included with a FREE full month of NicheRevolution 2.0 membership!

I already went over the massive list of things included with a Niche Revolution membership at the top of this web page, but here it is one more time.

Memberís Benefit Number 1
2 professionally researched niche products in the form of eBooks each month...
Over $1,500 Over $18,000
Memberís Benefit Number 2
2 custom written sales letters written by one of the web's top copywriters each month...
$14,000 minimum $168,000! (wow...)
Memberís Benefit Number 3
2 custom built mini-site designs created by a top graphic designer each month...
$300 $3,600
Memberís Benefit Number 4
260 Private Label Rights articles each and every month...
$2,166 $25,992!
Memberís Benefit Number 5
12 fully functional, highly optimized, 20-30 page Adsense websites each month!
$2,400 $28,800!
Memberís Benefit Number 6
Niche Revolution Content Spinner
Unlimited Value! Unlimited Value!
Memberís Benefit Number 7
Exclusive Split Testing Program
Exponential... Exponential...
Memberís Benefit Number 8
2, 5 part mini email courses!
$250 $3,000!

$20,616+ Worth Of Products (Go ahead
and add it all up yourself if you want)

All Yours For Just $1.95!

If anytime before your free 1 month's access to Niche Revolution is up, you decide you no longer want to remain a Niche Revolution member, simply let us know and we'll cancel your Niche Revolution membership and you can keep the PLR Intensive Course on us!

If you decide to remain a member of Niche Revolution after your first free month is up, do nothing and we'll automatically bill you the low monthly price of $47 for access to each future monthly Niche Revolution PLR products.

Cancel at anytime by contacting our 24 hours support desk. We only want members that want to take advantage of the enormous amounts of high quality PLR material they get each month.

Yes, I realize that this ridiculous offer will lead to a few people ripping us off, but I didn't create this offer for those people. It was created for those 95% of people that are serious about increasing their online business.

With that said, I'm willing to deal with the 5% of scammers out there, in order to help the "good guys".

If you're serious about starting an information product business on the internet, get in while this low $1.95 price is still available, because I honestly can't promise we can keep this offer so low for much longer.

Yes Matt and Brad, I want the help of the online world's best information product creators to do all the work for me! I'm extremely excited for them to get started on my products and am ready to "leverage the work of others" and cash in big-time.

I'm super excited about getting a copy of the brand new PLR Intensive Course so that I can learn how to drive traffic and buyers to both my current websites and the PLR websites!

I realize that I'll receive an entire month of full access to NicheRevolution 2.0 completely FREE. If, before the 1 month access is up, I decide that the membership isn't for me, I can cancel at any time by contacting the 24 hour support desk. If I would like to remain a member after the 1 month access is up, I realize I don't have to do anything and will be billed the regular low monthly fee of $47.


I have Read and Agreed to the above.


Click here to sign up now!

(All Orders Are Processed On A 100% Secure Server)
We reserve the right to end this limited time offer at anytime without warning.

See you in the member's area!

All the best,

Brad and Matt Callen





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